Welcome to the Maduxia-Nyx External Gateway Server!

The Maduxia servers are a set of private and semi-public servers run by Ryan W. Karolak. There are three external facing servers. HTPC/MINECRAFT is an x86 Windows Minecraft server. NYX is an ARM Debian server and PPCSERVER is an OS X Leopard Server, both of which are used for web services and file hosting.

To contact Ryan regarding these servers send him a message on twitter via @ryankarolak or through his public website's contact form.

Maduxia Servers News:

2013-12-01 RWK MINECRAFT: Minecraft server updated to 1.7.2.

2013-12-09 RWK MINECRAFT: The bug regarding switches unable to activate doors was fixed in a recent Bukkit release.

2013-12-09 RWK PPCSERVER: The PowerPC server is currently down.

2013-12-21 RWK MINECRAFT: Server was updated to latest beta of bukkit to address stability issues. Minecraft 1.7.4 was recently released, but the server will remain at 1.7.2 for now.

2014-01-02 RWK PPCSERVER: A map rendered from the world running on the Minecraft Server on 2013-12-31 has been uploaded to the PPCSERVER, accessible at

2014-05-18 RWK MINECRAFT: Minecraft was updated to 1.7.8/9.

Maduxia-MCS Minecraft 1.7.8 Server:

Map: 2013-12-31



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